Wednesday, November 7, 2007

X96 B.A.SH

The annual X96 BASH was held this year indoors at the Salt Palace as opposed to the Utah State Fairgrounds. The weather was cold, rainy, and wet. Inside it was nice and toasty, we saw a lot of great bands this year, sadly they don't play full sets, although some bands seemed to play longer than others. This year we were able to see The Starting Line, Cold War Kids (pictured), Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Social Distortion, and The Used. My favorite was mos def the Cold War Kids, they didn't necessarily rock hard like some of the other bands, but they have an incredible sound and revivalist feel to their music. The bassist was cracked out. It was also Conference Weekend, so you had the "Satanists" going to the show at the Salt Palace, and the "Angels" going to conference. Which was interesting looking at downtown at the mix of people going back and forth. Overall it was a great day, check out all the pictures here.

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