Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Parties, Christmastache and More!

A lot has gone on in the last couple of weeks and there hasn't been anytime to update this. So in an attempt to keep everyone informed, here is a run down of the past 2 weeks. November 28 was the Dick Nourse farewell at KSL. A huge deal with channel 5. Dick has been around for 43 years in news as a journalist and anchor and it was a fitting farewell to a great newscaster. Shara will have to add to this for complete details, but needless to say, it was classy, well-done, and well deserved.
The next two nights consisted of both of our Christmas parties, mind you both "CHRISTMAS" parties were in November, which was a little odd, but still a good time. Meridian's was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I helped provide a little bit of the entertainment with a guitar and a little piano. It was a good time. Friday night was Bonneville International's (parent company and owner of KSL) at the Little America. This was a pretty cool event, many KSL reporter's and anchors were there, the next thing we know President Hickley shows up, along with 5 of the Quorum of The Twelve, as well as the Presiding Bishopric. Sadly we had to go because Shara had to cover the Jazz v. Lakers that night (which turned out to be an awesome game too!). The next day Shara also covered a story about an 11 year-old ice skater from Utah that took 4th in the nation. Her story eventually ran on Sportsbeat Sunday making her debut on KSL! (See previous post)
Saturday the 1st of December we saw the Sally B
ytheway Chorale at the Assembly Hall. It is a choir my Dad sings in, they are really good, and there are A LOT of people in it now.
This last week was busy as well. I moved back to Meridian's main office to help in marketing efforts to generate more business. It's great to be back, although after being gone for a year and a half from it, is still a little weird to tell the truth. :) Also I am closer to the Cheesecake Factory. the wait is still forever long, but I work so close to it I could probably put my name on the list and carry the buzzer back to work while I wait!
December 5th was the Kurt Bestor concert, a gift from my parents. Thanks again guys, it was such a great night. Dinner @ The Roof and Kurt Bestor @ Abravanel Hall. Doesn't get much better than that. He had really good soloists this year, a really good fiddle player and an incredible singer (which Shara started the standing ovation for after she was done with her song) It was a really good time.

This last weekend was fun. We had our "Chritmastache" Party

During this party the only requirements are:
1.) An Ugly Christmas/Winter/Holiday Sweater
2.) A white elephant gift
3.) A Mustache. The rest is up to you.
Saturday was a little birthday breakfast for my sister Natalie who is 20 now. Which is.....weird. Lots of Christmas shopping. Then we went to see Peter Breinholt, Ryan Shupe, and Sam Payne. Good little concert that ended up lasting 3 hours and the Alta High Choir. But overall we got our money's worth, that's for sure.
So there you have it, you're all caught up now, and I can't believe we are already pretty much halfway through the month of December. Hope you are all having a great season so far!