Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year In Review 2010

The 12th installment of my annual "Year In Review" has been completed. This year came with a few changes, but ultimately stayed the same. In years past I only named the best new artist and best album of the year, and then created a mix of my other favorite albums in no real particular order. However this year, I elected to create and list in order of what I consider the top 20 albums of the year to be. As always, many hours of listening, researching and inner debates went on to put a list together that defined this year for me.

If you are new to how I compile this list, this is basically a mix of 20 songs (that had clean language, this is a family gig as always) from what I consider the 20 best albums that I enjoyed this calendar year. This gives you a chance as the reader/listener to step into the music that was defining the year for me.

This year was a life changing year for both my wife and myself, and these are the bands I listened to, and the music that will forever distinguish this amazing year for me apart from all the others. I have also changed the name of this list. In years past, and I'm not sure why, but I entitled this list the "Year In Rock". However, I've noticed I listen to much more than just rock music, and even a few hip-hop records you will notice got honorable mentions. So it's more than just a "Year In Rock" it is indeed a "Year In Review".

(As always if you would like a copy of this mix, message me or it's in DropBox and here as well: http://www.mediafire.com/?aodmzpmq26iw96y )

And here you go:

1. Vampire Weekend Contra "Run"

2. LCD Soundsystem This Is Happening "Dance Yrself Clean"

3. Arcade Fire The Suburbs "We Used To Wait"

4. The Black Keys Brothers "Ten Cent Pistol"

5. Mumford & Sons Sigh No More "Sigh No More"

6.The National High Violet "Bloodbuzz Ohio"

7. Local Natives* Gorilla Manor "Who Knows Who Cares"

8. Paper Tongues Paper Tongues "Trinity"

9. Gorillaz Plastic Beach "Stylo" (feat. Bobby Womack and Mos Def)

10. Spoon Transference "Nobody Gets Me But You"

11. The Walkmen Lisbon "Angela Surf City"

12. Band of Horses Infinite Arms "Laredo"

13. MGMT Congratulations "Flash Delirium"

14. Broken Social Scene Forgiveness Rock Record "All to All"

15. Guster Easy Wonderful 'Stay With Me Jesus"

16. Weezer Death To False Metal "Turning Up The Radio"

17. Ben Folds & Nick Hornby Lonely Avenue "Things You Think" (feat. Pomplamoose)

18. Broken Bells Broken Bells "The High Road"

19. M.I.A. /\/\/\Y/\ "XXXO"

20. Kings Of Leon Come Around Sundown "The End"

*Best New Artist of 2010

Honorable Mentions:

Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The Roots How I Got Over

Wavves King Of The Beach

Surfer Blood Astrocoast

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns

Girl Talk All Day

Brandon Boyd The Wild Trapeze

Beach House Teen Dream

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 78

We were able to get a "Four Generations" photo on my Dad's side tonight. Completing both sides of my family, with this photo taken last month. (From left to right, Myself, Will, Grandpa Stewart, and Great Grandpa Bill (William).)
My Grandparents on my Dad's side were also able to meet Will for the first time tonight. Itwas very nice to be able to spend some time with them individually tonight since we were unable to see them on Christmas Day. They got to spend some quality time with Will, which I know they loved.

Day 77

Christmas morning 2010 at my parents house. We had such a great year this year and are so thankful for the gifts we got, but mostly the time we got to spend with our families, and celebrating the birth of Jesus. It was so great to be able to spend our first Christmas with Will, with our families and the people that we love. Hope everyone else had a Happy Christmas!

Day 76

This is Shara's niece Haylee holding Will. He was Baby Jesus in the Nativity reenactment this year on Christmas Eve.

Day 75

There are certain types of candy and treats you always look forward to during the holidays. Egg Nog, fudge, toffee etc. But I submit that the Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas Tree has to absolutely be in the Top 5 of all time Christmas Candies. I also believe the Chocolate to Peanut Butter ratio in the Christmas Tree is much better than that of the Easter Egg.

Shara and I are very defensive of our candy. 2 years ago, Shara at my Christmas Tree, and I was so angry. She tried to find me another Christmas Tree, but of course they are seasonal and were gone. She tried to make it up to me with other types of Reese's but it wasn't the same. We now have to buy our own and keep a watchful eye on it.

Day 74

Will is slowly starting to be ok with bath time. We have his little tub, with his little inclined seat, and his little green foam frog to make it more enjoyable for him.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 73

Shara told me today that Will took naps (notice the plural) today in his crib, which is awesome. We also finally set up our monitors and have started using them when he is in his room. He'll still sleep with us at night for now, but this proves we are having little victories.

Day 72

William is 4 weeks old today and will officially be 1 month old on December 22. Didn't we just have this baby?!

Day 71

Happy Birthday to me! We celebrated by taking Will to church for the first time, which included a HUGE and very LOUD explosion in his diaper during a very quiet and nice Sunday School lesson. We also had our annual "Happiness Is Being A Thompson" extended family Christmas party at my cousin's home. It was awesome to have everyone together on my big day and to see everyone! I had a great day!

Day 70

So during this "tummy time" as soon as I put Will on his tummy, 3 seconds later he was OUT!! Completely asleep. Very interesting contrast to our previous attempts. Notice his "Kyle Korver style" socks.

Day 69

Will hates "tummy time" right now. For the most part, as soon as we put him on his tummy to strengthen his little body, he cries pretty hard the entire time. Our pediatrician told us roughly 4 time a day for 10 minutes, but we just do it when we can, we're pretty chill about it.

Day 68

Although we're not using this a whole lot right now, it's done and ready for use when we are.

Day 67

This is becoming an all to familiar site these days.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 66

This, is a CRAP load of diapers! Thank you to the Diaper Genie for containing smells of what I'm sure is to become much more horrible and terrifying.

Day 65

Will is now 3 weeks old today, and we are noticing his growth and that he is definitely eating more. He had his first little mini-vacation to Midway this past weekend and was a champ. He is being a good little boy!

Day 64

His feet are HUGE.

Day 63

There is a lone white tree that is lit in the park above our home. Someone has taken the time to light it extensively, and plug it in every night, and I think it's quite cool.

Day 62

Day 61

Day 60

It's been somewhat of a holiday tradition over the years to change the letters of some holiday words around my Mom's house and my Grandparents house. It started with the word "NOEL" changed to various different spellings (LEON, NOLE, NELO) and it probably drives my Grandma nuts.

I've continued the same tradition in my family with the word "SANTA" and I know it drives my Mom nuts, but it's out of love.

Although she really hates it when I change SANTA to "SATAN".

Day 59

Tuesday evening a box was delivered to our home. The box contained this awesome cake looking gift for Will. It was from my bosses/owners at Summit Home Health and we absolutely loved it! Very thoughtful of them, and who doesn't love getting huge packages delivered to their home?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 58

Hello there, Will... 2 weeks old
At his 2 week check up, Will is now 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 22 inches long (91%)

Day 57

Sunday evening we had dinner at my parents house. They had a bunch of my sister Natalie's friends over for dinner as well while she is serving a mission in Kirtland Ohio. It was really great to see them all and introduce Will to them. Again he was the main attraction.

My parents did the same thing every 2nd Sunday of the month with a lot of my friends when I was serving my mission, and my family loved it. Being able to see my friends every month faithfully was very important to them, and they loved keeping up with everyone. I'm glad they are still trying to do it with Natalie's friends.

Day 56

Saturday marked our first "official" use of the stroller. Coupled with the car seat, I freaking LOVE this stroller. I'm not necessarily sure why I love it so much, but I made Shara walk around the mall a little more with it because I was so proud to use it.
Saturday also marked the first "public" diaper change at Chili's. We met my parents for dinner and had a great time, and in the middle of it all, Will of course needed a big time diaper change. Let's just say, I'd rather change him at home. I've never been so concerned about sanitation in my entire life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 55

Last night while sleeping, we heard a crash. Not sure what could possibly make THAT much noise, I entered our office to find this lovely image. You may recall this is what is used to look like.

Compliments of our cat, Stanley, who may or may not be living with us much longer.

Day 54

Shara was mad that I was making squishy faces with Will. She might even be more mad that I now posted it. I can't help it. I'm like a Grandma, his cheeks are just so stinkin' cute.

Day 53

Wednesday evening was a banquet for the volleyball girls that Shara coached at Lone Peak High School. From their State Championship win, it was very well deserved. We decided to take Will on his first real "public" outing. Let's just say he instantly had about 15-20 girlfriends. They swarmed around him, and fell in love with him. They have been waiting all season during Shara's pregnancy to see what he would look like. And I think it's very safe to say they were all pleasantly surprised. This photo is just a small sample of all the attention he got that evening.

Day 52

Although the coloring on this photo may or may not show his true color, we are fully convinced that, at least for now, our baby has brown hair. Which, coming from two totally NON brown haired parents, is strange.

Behold, the power of genetics.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 51

Will is a week old today! I swear we just found out Shara was pregnant, and now he's here and already a week old. We celebrated with a Jazz win, and 2 diaper changes in 2 minutes. Hey, at least things are working properly.

Day 50

Our tree this year. A little trip to Tai Pan for an after Christmas last year sale has really improved our tree this year, we'll keep adding to it. Shara's most favorite item on the tree has to be the golden sparkly ball ornaments. She lit up when we pulled them out of the box. She's a girl, she likes sparkly things.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 49

The Utah v. BYU rivalry was crazy yet again this year. Regardless of which team you cheer for, the last 5 or 6 games have been decided in Overtime, or on a last play/drive. This year was no different. A BYU field goal attempt to win the game was blocked by Brandon Burton in the closing seconds. Shortly after that we all stormed the field. It was an ugly win, and a lucky win, but a "W" nonetheless, and I will take it.

Utah 17 BYU 16. The Utes.

Day 48

During the Jazz v. Lakers game on Friday night, all the testosterone in the house wanted to sit in one area of the couch. The Jazz won 102-96 and they are playing some amazing basketball right now. The Jazz.

Day 47

We were able to bring Will home on Thanksgiving day, we were very thankful. The staff at Riverton hospital were amazing. We had such a great and incredible experience there. Aside from taking amazing care of Shara and our baby, they educated and informed us on how to get started in raising an infant. At times I felt like I was in class, because the information they were giving us was awesome and much needed. Thank you!

This was Will's going home outfit.

I especially love the "turkey butt".

Day 46

We were able to get our 4 generations picture on my Mom's side in the hospital. Just waiting to get one on my Dad's side as well. This is Great Grandmother Thompson, Grandma Spring, Myself and Will.

Day 45

I came into work for our weekly meeting the day after Will was born. On the chair I usually sit in was this sign. It was pretty cool, this made my day!

Day 44

William Ashton Park. 8 lbs 9 oz. 20 1/2 inches long. Happy Birthday Dude!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 43

Although we've had one significant amount of snowfall already this season, this is the snow that will end up staying, and there is more to come. So this was the obligatory photo of the first snow fall of the winter, although it's still technically fall, but it looks like it's winter. It's confusing. I would be taking more pictures today, but we are busily getting things ready for the big day tomorrow. Parenthood, here we come!

Day 42

Will's room is a work in progress. It is slowly transitioning from my "dorm room" (the room I have slept in for the past 2 years during the work week) to a newborn baby room. We decided to spell his name with some wooden letters as part of the on going deco, and through 2 different rounds of paint, we decided to go with this. (One letter is a different color for a reason.)

Day 41

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 40

This was by far my most favorite book growing up. This book tells the story of Grandma Tildy, who is a very hard worker, and had no time to play. Until one day a traveling pet salesman asks is she'd be interested in buying a canary. She ends up buying the canary, but while noticing an elephant in his truck, says, "But NO elephants!" The pet salesman eventually gets her to purchase a beaver, a turtle, and a woodpecker, and after each purchase, she reminds the pet salesman, "But no elephants!" Eventually she gives in and buys the elephant, which then eats up all of her food, breaks through the floor and gets stuck in the house. He feels bad, and ends up walking the entire house to a much nicer and warmer location where they live happily ever after welcoming bus loads of elephants.

I loved this book so much, that my Mom ended up having to record a tape of her reading it, and allowing me time to shout out "But no EH-PHANTS!"

We were recently discussing this book, and I ended up finding it in an old box today, and made Shara read it. It's still one of my favorite books, and the illustrations are hilarious!