Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4th and 18?!?! Seriously...

Saturday was the big game...
As you can tell from the unexcited way I typed that last sentence the outcome was not good. Here's a break down of the last half of the 4th quarter:

Utah finally scores a touchdown (therefore the "happy" picture) making it 10-9 with 1:34 to go in the 4th quarter. We all know from experience that it's still too much time to leave on the clock in this rivalry. After stopping the Coogurrs (mispelled on purpose) for three downs, on 4th and 18 on the Team Down South's 12 YARD LINE, Utah's defense falls apart and can't cover a wide open Austin Collie for a 49 yard completed pass. They march right in and Harvey Unga plows through the Utah defensive line for a touchdown. What's worse is they are able to seemingly effortlessly score the two-point conversion as well.

Here are some reasons why I am angry.

A.) I have been saying all year that Andy Ludwig needs to go, and Saturday's game was another affirmation of that. The offense is so predictable, I don't know how he or anyone else on the coaching staff doesn't realize this. 9 out of 10 times on the first down of any drive they go up the middle. This game however had more trick plays and weird plays going on than in the Wyoming game. It's so dumb! And another thing, who runs a TRIPLE REVERSE on 3 and 15? REALLY?! Are you serious about that?! Come on now.

2.) We couldn't capitalize off of the interception in the first quarter, if they would have hit that, they outcome would have been completely different. There were countless other opportunities to move the ball, and it didn't happen.

D.) Austin Collie's comments after the game: "I wouldn't say it was lucky. We executed the play well. We should have had another one (TD). Obviously, if you do what's right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part in it. Magic Happens." No offense, but I really don't think God gives a crap about a football game. The Lord had nothing to do with you being open, it was the lack of a defense who was obviously worn thin from a crappy offense. The Lord didn't lift the ball from an injured Max Hall down 49 yards to you because you were living the honor code and not drinking Coke, and shaving. You won the game and that's that. If you say something like that expect to get a lot of crap from it, especially in this rivalry. Austin Collie is my new John Beck, the new Cooogurr I love to hate.

(What Austin Collie's catch apparently looks like to the Lord)
**Steps off of Soap Box** (Pictures of the game here)

Final score TDS 17, Utah 10. 4th and 18 will be a nightmare for another year.
After the game we went to Enchanted with my parents, Shara's parents, Lisa, Curtis, Ben, Aaron and Jacque and saw it at the Junction. Those theatres are cool if you haven't been out there for the leg room, the fact that it looks like an airport terminal, and the theatres are huge! The movie was hilarious, I highly recommend it. Disney is making fun of themselves in it, and they have a good sense of humor about themselves. Sunday was our Sunday School class (kids actually showed up and somewhat listened this week) and dinner at my parents while Shara worked. (Thanks mom for the meatloaf, it was delicious as always...) And homework the rest of the night. And now we are back to another work week, and this week looks to be super busy. (Mainly with stuff AFTER work, it's been pretty slow at work the past couple of weeks.)


Mary Ann said...

I'm sorry about the game Nick. I know how "fully intoxicated" you are as a Ute. I didn't mean to put a picture of myself on the family website wearing a BYU sweatshirt..please forgive me! :)

Lara said...

Sorry Nick and Shara,
Peter and I heard the last 5 minutes of the game in our Van at the target parking lot. We had a babysitter and were supposed to be shopping! Cheap thrills... It was a crazy ending.