Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4 Kids, La Caille, & Shingles

This weekend was quite eventful. We took care of our nieces and nephews one night this weekend. I took Friday off of work to help out with the kids, and so Thursday night was our sleepover. We watched Star Wars Episode III, and had dinner. Pretty easy...but the next day...
We woke up pretty early (you know how kids are, tying up chairs with jump ropes, pulling out virtually every toy possible, covering the entire floor with boxes, games, and other toy paraphernalia) @ 6:30 am got them ready. We had a few melt downs because on of the girls wanted her cereal on the counter. Not in a bowl...milk, cereal and all spread out on the counter. When we wouldn't comply, she curled up in a ball on the bar stool and pouted. Life is so tough! We took the kids to the park and let them run around, did a little hike, and then went to Artic Circle for some nutritional lunch. Afterwards we traveled to Jungle Jim's play land and had a blast with them there. They all seemed to have a good time. It was great birth control though, we won't be having kids anytime soon. :)
So later that day, I had a rash that had developed on my back. It was getting worse by the hour and blistering, and I couldn't get in to see my regular Doctor or any other doctor on a Friday no matter what I did. So Shara insisted I go to Instacare. The doctor took one look at my back and in 2 seconds knew exactly what it was. He said, "Yep, you have shingles" Which, I thought it might be after pulling a Dwight Schrute and checking Web MD and HealingWell for my symptoms. So he sent me on my way to pick up a prescription at Walgreen's that ended up costing me $90 AFTER what insurance covered ($160) for 21 blue pills. Luckily we caught it soon enough that it shouldn't spread anymore, but what else is left will just have to run it's course. Such is life... Shara took care of me all day. :) Apparently Shingles happens to those who have had chicken pox, that virus lies dormant in your spinal cord until you age, get stressed, and work too hard, and it has the potential of happening. The thing is I guess it mostly happens with people in their 50's, so there ya go. It's just more of an annoyance than anything.
Friday night we got to go to La Caille! It was REALLY good. We went with Shara's parents. Shara tried the rack of lamb, I enjoyed a shrimp cocktail for an Hor'dourves, and Filet Minion. It was really good!
Saturday I had to drag my bum out of bed early and do a closing in Clinton, Shara was super cool and came with me. After that we picked up Shara's car and went to this new store called Steve & Barry's. It's this store on 56th South and Van Winkle, it's clothes for guys and girls and NOTHING is over $20.00. It was a great find! Go check it out.
Saturday was also the Utes whooping of Wyoming 50-0. The Utes did an onside kick at one point during the game when they were up 43-0. Joe Glenn of Wyoming wasn't too happy about that as you can tell...Things are getting pretty interesting for the game with the Team Down South next Saturday. It should be very interesting.
We saw Lions For Lambs on Saturday, which I thought was good, and then hung out with my mom and sister on Saturday night, and had Chin Wah!!! Good times, great oldies...Other than that I just relaxed and was able to spend some time with Shara. I also finally broke out my Game Cube and played Lego Star Wars (something I hadn't done since we moved up here!)

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