Sunday, July 27, 2008

John Mayer

Last Monday I got hooked up with tickets to see John Mayer. (Thanks Aaron & Jacque) This was the 4th time I have seen him and the 3rd time at USANA. Although I generally loathe the thought of any concert there most times (mainly because of distance, and the inconvenience of the travel out to the venue) this concert did not disappoint. Colbie Caillat opened, she did great. She is most likely the female version of Jack Johnson, laid back, chill, just very cool. There was another opening band that I really liked the bassist on, but I can't recall their name. Shara was unable to come because she had to work, so I hung out with Shara's brother and sister in-law, Aaron and Jacque & their friends. It was agreat time.

Obviously you are wowed by John's guitar playing, he is definitely one of the greatest guitarist of my time, and would be on a large list of some of the greatest guitarists of all time. But what I was most impressed with was his vocal capabilities. Check out this video with his cover of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'"

Set list:
  • Belief
  • Vultures
  • Crossroads
  • Daughters '74
  • Neon
  • Free Falling
  • Another You
  • Stitched Up
  • Waiting on the World to Change
  • Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
  • Good Love is On the Way
  • No Such Thing
  • Gravity
  • Say
  • Encore
  • My Sweet Lord
  • Bigger Than My Body

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deers + Cast Iron Fences = Death

I realize that today's post title is a bit morbid, but it does not even begin to explain the tragedy I saw last night.

Let me start off by saying that as the years go on, and the higher up we build our homes into the the mountains, the wild deer have become more and more domesticated. Lately I have seen an influx of deer in my in-laws neighborhood in herds of 6 or 7 parading through the streets like a West Side Story gang. Just in the past week we have seen deer in our backyard hanging out and close to the porch of our home, seemingly undaunted by human existence.

The family that lives across the street (is actually our Bishop as a side note) has an iron cast fence around his home. I would guess it is somewhere around 6 feet or so with "spikes" atop each pole. In the past I heard there had been a problem of deer trying to clear the fence and getting stuck, but nothing like what happened last night. Because of past experiences the Bishop would leave the door to his fence open, thus letting the deer come and go as the please without harm. As you might recall last night was one of the nicer nights of the summer, so there were plenty of people outside; families, children, pets, motor scooters, etc. Next door to the Bishop's home was a Young Single Adult activity or the equivalent thereof happening. A deer appeared, and most likely startled at the number of people out and about, decided to jump over the fence. The sad part was he didn't make it. I won't go into much detail, needless to say there was a lot of blood and he was stuck on top of the fence, and he was hanging upside down with most of his insides exposed. What's more sad is that he was alive. And while we waited for Animal Control Services to arrive my neighbor and I attempted to lift the poor deer off of the fence so as to settle down the spectacle that was gathering around this scene. As we approached him to lift him off the fence, he would violently shake and attempt to free himself. We thought it would be best to wait for reinforcements. There were people there that had ammunition, but were not willing to use that force especially with small children around. Eventually 2 Sandy Police officers showed up, asked the tear soaked, traumatized children to avert their eyes, as he shot the deer.

Quite a sad story, and the poor deer spent the night on the front lawn because apparently Animal Control Services couldn't arrive until this morning.

Moral of the story: Don't feed the deer.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Roll Call

"Cha-cha Boo-chee, Cha--Cha-Cha Boo-Chee ROLL CALL!"

Ok, so apparently I know a lot of people. While using Google Analytics to track this blog page, I have realized that there are a slew of people form inside and outside the United States that have been visiting this blog. I'm just interested in who is really visiting this blog multiple times in a given month, or even once in a blue moon.

People in the following States have visited this blog:
Utah, Arizona, Colorado, California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oklahoma, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Indiana, New York, Iowa, South Carolina, Connecticut, Oregon, Wisconsin, Alaska, Minnesota, Idaho, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and The District of Columbia.

People in the following countries have visited this blog:
United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Canada, Italy, Lithuania, Australia, Russia, France, Mexico, 7 the Philippines.

I'm just curious who some of these people are, I realize most of these visits are just people that are searching for something I've blogged about and end up on my page. Regardless, I'm just interested in who you are. Don't be bashful...Come on...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To Catch You Up...

So it's been a while.
Nice to see you again.
Since you always learn better with pictures, here is a bullet list of things we've been up to for the past month and a half or so...

We sold our condo! Two sets of renters, a thorough cleaning job, and three weeks or so on the market and it is done. Good riddance to the Home Owner's Association.

Don't let this picture fool you. He's not ours (although we'd gladly take him) Welcome Ethan!

A trip to St. George. Yum.

Samantha & Jeff wedded.

We took the nieces and nephews (some of them, the ones that are fans, and would be old enough to remember such a venture) to the set of High School Musical 3. My cousin Trevor (thanks again, and again dude) works for the Utah Film Commission and was able to get us in to the filming of this highly kid-anticipated movie. We saw all of the major HSM stars. One of the most memorable lines from the evening was when Zac Efron happened to be about 3-4 feet away from us and you could see his boxers for a little bit. Megan, the youngest girl who isn't scared to say anything said "Shara I can see his underwear" loud enough for everyone to hear. And Haylee who is secretly infatuated with Zac whispers the same thing to me as her face goes beet red.

The other classic line was Adam asking for a cheeseburger most of the night. Honestly I would probably be asking for the same thing at his age.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Go see WALL•E™