Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Story Time

So I have A co-worker named Jared. He has a son named Jordan who is 3. One night Jared was putting Jordan to bed and he read him a Dr Suess book. As we all know Dr. Suess does a lot of rhyming.
About 5 minutes later Jordan came into Jared's bedroom he said "Dad I cant get into bed!"
Jared said "Why?"
He said "I have too many animals in by bed. "
Jared knowing he has an imaginary elephant friend named Sox, walked into Jordan's room and said looking at the bed "Sox you have to get out of bed Jordan needs to sleep.
Then Jordan said "There are more animals in there!"
Jared said "who else?"
Jordan said "There are three monkeys!"
He said "okay what are your monkeys names?"
"... Saggy, Faggy and Maggy."
Chuckling a little Jared said okay "All monkeys out of the bed!"
Then Jordan said "Well Dad there are two more ducks in there, but not like the duck that we have outside." (they own a duck and a couple chickens)
Jared said "What are the ducks names?"
Jordan promptly responded with " Ducky and F- - ky"
Jared had had a hard day and at that point he was just laughing...So he said "All right Ducky and F- -ky get out of the bed."
Jordan then hopped into bed and Jared walked out of the room into his room.He turned to his wife Misty and said "Misty have you met Jordan's New imaginary friends?"
She said "yes"
He said "do you know their names?"
She said "uh huh...and I have NO idea what to do about it..."
They both are still stumped on what to do with their sons imaginary friend. Hilarious! What do you do with that! Your 3 year old names his imaginary duck that? I guess its good that he is rhyming right?

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