Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 169

Will is 17 weeks today and will be 4 months tomorrow. He's growing so fast, and time is starting to fly. He now looks like a little boy to me, and not an infant anymore. I guess it never ends. I love having this little guy around.

Day 168

About the time Will got RSV, we got him this humidifier. This has been great to use, I hope it is still helping. Maybe we seem like over protective parents by having all of these devices, noise making machines, battery powered nasal suction machine, and humidifiers, but having your baby in the hospital at such a young age will do that do you I guess. And he's our first so BACK OFF! :) (Lovingly)

Day 167

This is Will's sound machine. He comes by it honestly, because I haven't been able to get rid of mine for around 15 years now. I'm so weird, but so dependent on it.

Day 166

Day 165

Makeshift La-Z Boy.

Day 164

By far one of my most favorite pictures of Will.

Day 163

The final project. These are on the wall next to Will's changing table, and sometimes he'll just sit, stare, and smile at them.

Day 162

But for now, I just hope he stays a little boy full of imagination...

Day 161

Maybe he'll just be a rock star though...

Day 160

"Football Will". However, if basketball doesn't work out, I couldn't think of a better sport to play than football. It's almost a tie with basketball. But knowing he'll most likely be super tall, I think he might be better suited for roundball.

Day 159

"Basketball Will". Of all sports, I really hope he gravitates to this sport the most, but I am biased and will lovingly persuade him to play as much basketball as possible.

Day 158

We'd been struggling as to how to decorate Will's room after he was born. Shara came up with an idea for me to draw a few different cartoons of Will and our family. The next few "photo of the day" pictures Will be what I came up with, and then the final product.

This is our little family as it is now.

Day 157

After years of not having a digital scale, and wanting to help us be more accurate in our weight loss efforts, I elected to purchase this digital scale. So far I love it, and can't complain. I pretty much weight myself every day because it's so cool, plus it lets me know that I can't eat horrible that day either. THIS, was a good purchase.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 156

I'm considering canceling my Rolling Stone subscription, when this is their choice for a cover story.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 134-155

Again, the slacking has ensued, and I need to post many-a pictures in one day to catch up...
Will has been enjoying his Bumbo lately, and this was the first time we put him in it. He didn't know what to expect at first, but I know it's growing on him. We love the Bumbo!
I feel this is a very artistic picture which shows the quiet, contained rage of this cat.
This should be the new face of Gerber.
He's looking older and bigger to us every day! This picture is no exception.
These are my favorite PJ's for him. His little belly shows very easily in these.
He's getting so much better at lifting up his head while on his stomach now.
No matter what position Will is lying in, he will just sit and watch basketball. Which, as a Dad, makes me very proud.
Will gets so many kisses from his mom, that, at times, I get pretty jealous.
He's probably trying to tell us something here.
I'm getting him ready for all the throwing around and wrestling that ill happen when he's older.
"Don't stick your tongue out at me, kid."

When we first got our baby monitors from one of our showers, I instantly thought they looked like Eva from Wall-E.
We are getting very good at taking our Vitamins every day.
We probably eat this once a week. It is amazingly good, and is a perfect serving size for just the two of us. Add an English Muffin, and this meal is complete!
When we came home from the hospital, we realized we needed more than a bulb to suction out Will's nose. Our friend Kira Kitterman let us know about this at Walgreens. We has used it daily, and it's amazing how much it gets out of his nose. Plus, and this might be gross to some of you, but I think it's cool to see how much it pulls out.
Will at 15 weeks.
He's a happy, drooling baby. We can't keep his shirts dry any more. But we love him. He slimes us all the time too, but I know it's only going to get worse. I think I'm getting used to it.