Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 108 - 133

I know, I know... It's been a while. But I have good excuses (Will being hospitalized being the main reason). However, to just get caught up so that I continue doing this every day, I'll just give a sampling of what happened during these couple of weeks. So, enjoy!
Andy's birthday was a couple of months ago, but we finally got together and went shooting west of Utah Lake. I have to say, aside from the fog and cold temperatures, I had a blast. I love getting together with these guys and just being dorks. We had a really good time.
This may go down in history as one of the best shots of Will during his "baby years" (Credit to my wife Shara for taking this shot, as well as many others I have posted on here as well)
Will's blessing day. Poor guy was so sick as you can see in the following picture as well. He was taken to the hospital and later admitted that night with RSV. More of those pictures to follow as well.
This is Will's SECOND blessing outfit. He outgrew his first one. We ordered this from eBay, and was really excited about the look of it. When it arrived, we pulled it out of the package only to find it smelling of cigarette smoke like the dickens. A wash or two later and it was good, but he barely fit into it on the actual blessing day. Glad we didn't wait any longer.
After a doctor visit to his pediatrician on a Friday, and a trip to the emergency respiratory clinic, Will was admitted Monday morning at 1:45am to the Primary Children's Medical Center in Riverton. We would spend the next 4 nights and 4 days there trying to regulate his breathing, maintain his blood oxygen levels, and get him on a normal eating cycle once again.
Day 1: This was his worst day. He got progressively better every day. On top of symptoms from RSV, he started a fever as well.
Day 2: He's looking better, happy, but still needing suctioning, and albuterol treatments to help his lungs receive more oxygen.
He couldn't move very far from his little 5 foot radius of how far his oxygen and monitor chords would reach, so we had to show him every detail of his room. He loved looking at this screen and seeing it move.
Day 3: My mom was able to come visit, and brought him this little sock monkey, along with some snacks for us at the hospital. It was a lifesaver, we needed snacks! He was improving much better this day, but still needed to stay because of needing to stay suctioned, and oxygen when he slept.
Day 4: He improved significantly this day, and only needed bulb suctioning (something we could do at home) and only needed oxygen when he slept. They sent us home with some oxygen and later delivered out more when we got home. We were relieved to be able to come home after all of that.
This is a sad picture, but I wanted to remember what he looked like with this oxygen tank. He actually was very cooperative with that being in his nose for a few days.
Happy Valentine's Day!

This should catch me up, it's not for every day I missed, but I don't think anyone is really counting anyway. So stay tuned...