Monday, March 31, 2008


Before I get into the tellings of the weekend, I'd like to pose a question I've had for quite a while. Maybe there is some English major out there that can answer this question for me with hard fact. Why is the past tense of the word "cancel" sometimes spelled with two "L's" and sometimes with only one. I personally spell it "CANCELLED" but I have seen it spelled "CANCELED" as well. I'm just curious what the difference is. I should stop now, because I am looking at the word, and it has now become a freaky word that doesn't even look right no matter how I look at it.

On to other things. Friday, Shara and I did a little house hunting, and then saw 21. AWESOME MOVIE! Definitely see it, I'm still trying to figure out how to count cards like they do, someday I will get it and be a Blackjack master, until then I will have to rely solely on luck, and nunchuck skills. Saturday I played ball for a while, Shara and I ran a few of errands, and then met up with my Dad to drive out to Wendover to go see Collective Soul. It was a good thing we had a discrepancy on the time of the concert, otherwise it could have been bad news bears. I ended up checking the website just as we were getting ready to leave to check the time. (Inner-Nick monologue) "It says it starts at 8:00 pm, Good, let's go.... Wait, just for fun let's see who else is playing out there for future shows... Bill Cosby, Loverboy, Wayne Newton and Collective Soul is cancelled, cool, let's go...Wait WHAT?! COLLECTIVE SOUL CANCELLED?! What the crap!" Sadly it was true. Apparently Ed Roland, the Lead Singer got sick, and they cancelled around 1:00. It was a good thing I checked that, otherwise, it would have been a long drive for nothing.

Thus the "cancelled" picture.

So, Shara, Natalie and my mom were going to have a girls night anyway, while we were out, and we just crashed their party. We went to Famous Dave's, and Shara and I went to a goodbye party for this guy she works with at KSL. It was good to hang out and see people there. Then we came back and played Screwy Louie with my parents. If I remember correctly Shara won both times, she needs to stop playing. :)

'Twas a good weekend.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Eggs Dying

So here are before and after shots of our 2008 edition of dying eggs for the Parker Family Easter Egg Hunt. More of the pictures including the Hall Of Fame are included here. We were doing this until like 1:00 in the morning, but it is our calling as the cool Aunt and Uncle, so we don't mind at all. It was well worth it the next day when the kids found them all, and no one ended up taking their eggs home, so now we have a full fridge full of hard boiled eggs for us to eat. It smells great in there too by the way.

A Little Reunion

Friday night our good friends, the Dayton's came up for a visit from Arizona. It was the perfect excuse to get everyone together. We met at Jason's Deli in Orem, and stayed there for quite a while. The food was great and the free ice cream dessert was even better. I have struggled for quite a while now when I get ice cream out of a dispenser. I just can't seem to figure out how to create the perfect looking ice cream swirls. When Shara and I go to Maverik for our fat free yogurt, I always have her do it, because I'll admit, I really suck at it. Well this weekend I figured out the perfect technique for me. It will still take some perfecting, but I have found the "pump/push" technique works best for me. It sounds lame, but it was an accomplishment for me so back off! :) It was great to see everyone, and their kids. Some are getting to be little people. We eventually made it back to Dano's parents house and we played Rock Band for a solid 2 hours probably. It was good times, great oldies. That game rocks, and I must say that Shara is so good at it. She does awesome.
We also found out that Annalee and Jake are having a GIRL!! It was good to see everyone and can't wait for next time! All pictures from that night are here...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Saint George

This last weekend Shara, my parents and I went to St. George. We haven't been back down there since we moved back up to SLC, so it was nice to get back down there. My parents have also remodeled the condo, adding on an additional family room and extra room. It really looks nice and we were able to do some shopping with my parents this weekend to find furniture for the new addition.
We saw Definitely Maybe, watched a bunch of movies, played a bunch of Guitar Hero 3, swam, hot tubbed, played a ton of Screwie Louie, and golfed. I'll admit, I'm a horrible golfer. And I only do it like once a year. This time I tried golfing left-handed, since my entire life I've tried to make myself golf right handed even though the only other thing I do right handed is the guitar. I'll admit I felt much more comfortable golfing lefty, but it didn't help my game at all. So if anyone has any golf tips, or wants to improve a struggling golfers game, I'm up for it.
Our almost nightly visits to Maverick were hard this trip too, because they never seemed to have the flavor of Non-Fat yogurt we wanted, and when we finally just settled on what they had, it was all melty and soupy, if it even worked. Another weird thing was, we were down there for quite a while and the only pictures I took were of the furniture we thought of buying for the condo, which is weird and worth noting because I took the camera virtually everywhere with us and it never got used. That is just a weird side note.
It was nice to get away, be with family, and be with Shara.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rockin' Market Street Grill

Saturday, March 1 The Wedding Band rocked yet another wedding at the Market Street Grill in Cottonwood Heights. It was a grand old time. We played for roughly 4 hours, except for a little break to scarf up some clam chowder and crab cakes. I would put money down that Market Street has THE best Clam Chowder in town. Zupa's would be a close 2nd, but I'm-a fight for Market Street on that one. We played a great LONG set of good songs, and the Bride and Groom had a great night. Set up and take down is a pain, but other than that I could play all night long. This time was especially difficult with the out-of-the-blue storm that seemed to show up around 3:30 in the afternoon right as we were loading our stuff up. We had to forgo our usual use of Dave's truck and use Brian's mini-van, my car, whatever we could fit in the cab of Dave's truck and Brittany & Sean's car as well and caravan over and unload as quick as we could at the front door of the restaurant. By the end of the night the snow was minimal and we were able to take everything home without a problem. We had a good night. Check out all of our pictures here.