Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 38

Remember when cassette tapes ruled the world? Remember making mix tapes, recording songs off the radio so you could listen to it whenever you wanted, and having to fast forward through songs to get to the next song? I've had a box full of cassette tapes that had hours worth of music on them for years now, but haven't had any way of even listening to them. I haven't even owned a tape player in my house, or car for what seems like a lifetime. I wanted for the longest time to find a way to transfer these tapes to a digital format but had no way of doing it. I had to borrow a tape player from my Dad, and he had a great little cord that I plugged into my Mac and and eventually figured out how to transfer music on my tapes to mp3's. I'm just about done, but I've gone through and organized all the music from my tapes that I couldn't find on the internet. It was mainly a lot of old tapes of my band from Junior High & High School, stuff I recorded when I had access to a guitar on my mission, and tapes Dave and I recorded when we were roommates. But it is great to finally have this music in my ever expanding music collection.

(Thanks to my Dad for letting me borrow this as long as I have, I promise I'm almost done!)

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Birdy said...

You should have a mixed tape or two from me. :) Good ole mixed tape days. I miss that.