Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 34

This picture was technically taken a day late, but Friday night was a birthday celebration for my good friend Dan Jenson. I've recently decided that instead of just simply writing "Happy Birthday" through Facebook, or a text, I am going to put more effort into my Birthday wishes. I urge everyone to do the same, it was actually quite fun for the reminiscing. This was my first attempt with Dan...

Happy 30th dude!! Some things I remember in the almost 15 years of knowing you:
- Duct tape suits.
- Alta Vision.
- The Drake house visits.
- The dancing duo.
- The Collective Soul concert.
- Making things explode in fires at Hobo Haven.
- Defensive Dan (never credit card Dan, you will be sorry)
- Your camera captured perhaps more memories of our High School experiences collectively than any group of friends that ever existed.
- Whenever you speak Vietnamese. It's very soothing.
- Your never ending love of The Dew.
- The day we realized that a certain verse in "Please" by U2 in 1997 might have seen the future to 9/11.
- Jumping into your Mom's trees in the front yard.
- When we both worked at VF Factory Outlets and had lunch occasionally.

These are obviously not all, but what I could come up with in 5 minutes.
Hope you've had a good day!"


Birdy said...

Awe man! I have to wait a whole year for MY bday reminiscences? Psh. You'll prolly be over it by then. :( Lame. But this is cool. Dan is the man!

sput_nick said...

Whatever! You got a Simpsons reminiscing birthday memory! I still think that's pretty cool! :)

Stef said...

Nick your blog is fun! And I have to say how THANKFUL I am for Dan and his video camera in high school! :)

Stef said...
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