Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 25

As I mentioned yesterday, High School State Championships for Girls Volleyball is this weekend. My wife is awesome, and is making her girls hair ribbon thingys (I'm a guy and don't know the exact terminology, but I know girls love wearing them) to wear during the tournament in partnership of going all the way to win State. This gold paint is patiently drying on the Black ribbons which will then be paired up with Maroon and Gold colored ribbons (Lone Peak High Schools colors) and used in the players hair to bring out their pure athlete, radness and super powers.

We had to hang the ribbons with gold paint on it to dry over one of our TV trays, and then secretly placed in our laundry room, with the door shut so that Stanley didn't attack and ruin them. The entire time we were cutting and preparing them, Stanley was enthralled by the movements of the ribbons and attacked random ribbons while we cut them.

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