Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 35

Saturday night we had another shower thrown for us for us with all of my best friends. We were yet again amazed and blown away by the generosity, creativity and love from my favorite people. We cannot thank you all enough for the gifts, advice, support and friendship. We love and appreciate you all. We have definitely looked up to all of you who have kids already, and admire you all so much on how you raise such great kids. We hope to be as successful as you. I love just getting together with everyone, laughing, and catching up. Thanks to everyone who planned games, brought food, and are awesome. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The game (as seen in the first picture) was hilarious! 2 "contestants" raced to see who could dress the "baby" the fastest. Diaper, onesie, socks, and then swaddle, CORRECTLY, to win. Shara kicked my butt. And to no surprise, all the ladies beat all the guys. Except in a race where two males competed.

A very special thanks to Lindsay for putting this whole thing together, being such an amazing thoughtful person, and making sure this was special for us. We absolutely loved it... We love you!

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