Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 20 (Part 2)

After our baby shower, and after everyone went home, and Shara was pooped out for the night and went to bed, our friends in our neighborhood were still carving pumpkins. They told me to still come over, even though my wife was asleep and I hadn't yet purchased a pumpkin to carve for myself. After they were done, I wanted to make sure I was still in the annual pumpkin carving picture, so we improvised... Their pumpkins turned out awesome this year! And we had good times playing Mario Kart until 2:30am with a Del Taco run thrown in between. It felt like High School al over again!


Birdy said...

THAT is the ONLY way to carve pumpkins...amongst Mario Kart and Del Taco times. MAN I hate that there aren't Del Taco's in Tennessee. The pic is rad, p.s.

Amy Dayton said...

Crazy- I didn't notice your face until I read the story below- very creative :)