Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 17

Needless to say, the last 3 days have been eventful, and somewhat adventuresome. We had the LAX Adventure Sunday. Monday was the journey home, and getting right back to work, only to find out my care wouldn't accelerate, and will need a new IDPM Distribution box. I knew I needed new brakes, so this just added to it. The part will be in by Wednesday morning. Luckily we got my car to a point where I could drive it, with hopes that the problem won't happen again until we can replace it.

Today Shara called me as she was leaving home for her Volleyball game and said that her rear right tire was completely flat. So, I came home, switched her cars, and changed her tire. We knew her car needed brakes and were planning on a set of new tires. Turns out we for sure need at least 2 tires, most likely 4.

And driving home tonight, my left headlight went out.

I've said a few dirty words in my head over the last 3 days.

Grand total of repairs/items needed for both of our cars:
2-4 SUV tires, 2 brake jobs, an
IDPM Distribution box, 1 oil change for the Jeep, and a missing headlight. I don't even want to know what the total price on all of this will be. Tomorrow is a fresh start right?

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Erin and Paul Anderson said...

Man, when is rains is pours, huh? Hopefully after this you guys will be set on car maintenance for a while.