Sunday, May 18, 2008

So long...

The Jazz and I broke up on Friday night. It was abrupt, and unexpected. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I guess it had to be. This whole season I have pretty much based my nights off of when a Jazz game was on. Every other night or so I had plans with the TV to watch the Jazz game. But now it is over. The good news is I think we will be getting back together in November.

The last couple seasons I have found a renewed faith in the Utah Jazz. The beginning of this decade was dismal, and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. The Jazz had some of their worst seasons ever, and weren't even playoff contenders. Throughout the decade and with draft picks and trades, the Jazz have become an incredible team to watch. The team they have right now is incredible. I couldn't say the same when Girichek was on the team, but ever since the Girichek/Korver trade, they have seen awesome success. Sadly that success ended it's run on Friday night, therefore ending my basketball season (somewhat). I'll still watch, and hope for a Lakers-Celtics series, but any emotion I had invested in the playoffs is gone. It was a great season for me. I watched many games at my parents house, with my father-in-law, with my friends, with Shara, or even by myself standing up and throwing things at the T.V. I was able to go to 4 games this season, with my brother-in-law, Shara, my mom and my father-in-law, many more games than I had previously anticipated. (Thanks again to anyone who hooked me up with tickets! Pretty much that goes to Meridian and Shara) It was a good season, but I'm really bummed its over.

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Mary Ann said...

I hate Boozer and I am totally not afraid to admit it.