Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jazz v. Rockets Game 6

A couple of Friday's ago Shara ended up working for ESPN. It was an awesome opportunity for her and she was able to work closely with a producer and a reporter and get to see a lot of the behind the scenes of an ESPN broadcast. This also benefited ME! She was hooked up with two tickets to Game 6 versus Houston. It was an awesome game! My father-in-law Wayne went along with me. He was really excited, so excited that we ended up arriving at Energy Solutions Arena 75 minutes before tip-off! I have pictures to prove it. Shara was able to take me behind the scenes as well during half time, and we were able to see how ESPN broadcasts a game. It's incredible all the equipment and personnel that is involved to broadcast a nationally televised game. Very cool. Thanks again to her and to the ESPN producer who hooked us up with tickets!

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