Friday, March 14, 2008

Saint George

This last weekend Shara, my parents and I went to St. George. We haven't been back down there since we moved back up to SLC, so it was nice to get back down there. My parents have also remodeled the condo, adding on an additional family room and extra room. It really looks nice and we were able to do some shopping with my parents this weekend to find furniture for the new addition.
We saw Definitely Maybe, watched a bunch of movies, played a bunch of Guitar Hero 3, swam, hot tubbed, played a ton of Screwie Louie, and golfed. I'll admit, I'm a horrible golfer. And I only do it like once a year. This time I tried golfing left-handed, since my entire life I've tried to make myself golf right handed even though the only other thing I do right handed is the guitar. I'll admit I felt much more comfortable golfing lefty, but it didn't help my game at all. So if anyone has any golf tips, or wants to improve a struggling golfers game, I'm up for it.
Our almost nightly visits to Maverick were hard this trip too, because they never seemed to have the flavor of Non-Fat yogurt we wanted, and when we finally just settled on what they had, it was all melty and soupy, if it even worked. Another weird thing was, we were down there for quite a while and the only pictures I took were of the furniture we thought of buying for the condo, which is weird and worth noting because I took the camera virtually everywhere with us and it never got used. That is just a weird side note.
It was nice to get away, be with family, and be with Shara.


Mary Ann said...

We need to plan a weekend and all go down there together. I think Jacque and Aaron would want to stay with you guys though...Last time with Anna I swear is what made Jacque decide to go back on birth control! :) It would be fun though- we'll throw it out next family get together.

Macdonald's said...

I'm glad you had a fun little vacation. It was good to see you guys at Amanda's shower too!