Monday, March 24, 2008

A Little Reunion

Friday night our good friends, the Dayton's came up for a visit from Arizona. It was the perfect excuse to get everyone together. We met at Jason's Deli in Orem, and stayed there for quite a while. The food was great and the free ice cream dessert was even better. I have struggled for quite a while now when I get ice cream out of a dispenser. I just can't seem to figure out how to create the perfect looking ice cream swirls. When Shara and I go to Maverik for our fat free yogurt, I always have her do it, because I'll admit, I really suck at it. Well this weekend I figured out the perfect technique for me. It will still take some perfecting, but I have found the "pump/push" technique works best for me. It sounds lame, but it was an accomplishment for me so back off! :) It was great to see everyone, and their kids. Some are getting to be little people. We eventually made it back to Dano's parents house and we played Rock Band for a solid 2 hours probably. It was good times, great oldies. That game rocks, and I must say that Shara is so good at it. She does awesome.
We also found out that Annalee and Jake are having a GIRL!! It was good to see everyone and can't wait for next time! All pictures from that night are here...

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