Monday, March 24, 2008

Eggs Dying

So here are before and after shots of our 2008 edition of dying eggs for the Parker Family Easter Egg Hunt. More of the pictures including the Hall Of Fame are included here. We were doing this until like 1:00 in the morning, but it is our calling as the cool Aunt and Uncle, so we don't mind at all. It was well worth it the next day when the kids found them all, and no one ended up taking their eggs home, so now we have a full fridge full of hard boiled eggs for us to eat. It smells great in there too by the way.


melanie33 said...

Dang, those eggs are looking good! You should have dropped by the swanson house to dye a few for us here! Trust me, we could have used the help!

Macdonald's said...

Your eggs look great! Gavin would have a lot of fun in your fridge-he loves eggs. We only had the patience for six and then we were done.

Lara said...

We had Adam taste a hard boiled egg that day. Not so tasty.... This sunday he was spolighted in Primary. One of the questions was what food do you hate and what is the wierdest thing you have eaten. When they had filled out the paper he had put pizza as the answer to both questions. But when we read them aloud he informed us that both answers were wrong. Hard boiled eggs were now the worst and wierdest thing he has ever eaten.