Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Will's expressions of love

Our oldest child will be 3 years old this week.  He's at the age where he's coming up with his own thoughts, stories and just hilarious sayings.  He tells us stories about his day that include things that actually happened and then things that happened in his imagination.  It's pretty funny once you get him going.  He also has interesting ways of showing that he loves us.  Sometimes, his simple expressions of love will come while we are just sitting on the couch and he'll ask if we will hold his hand, or put our hand on his tummy.  

This morning, after I had been up with our 6 month old for 2 hours trying to get her back to sleep, I finally got back into bed.  I had only been there for just a minute when around 5:45am Will came upstairs from his room to our bed with me.  By then, my wife had been at work for a couple of hours, so I didn't mind him coming into bed with me.  We laid there, and I asked him if we could sleep a little longer.  He said yes, but asked if I would hold his hand.  I have to admit, it was very cute, and when I pulled my hand away for a second to scratch my face, he ordered my hand back. 

Eventually, he fell back asleep, changed positions and ended up with his bum in my face. 

Then he farted.

Yes, these are Will's expressions of love.


Dave Mitchell said...

Holly crap ! My kids do that too. I was not sure if its signs of love but I guess as a father I'll take what I can get. My kids,all 4 of them, love to sit and watch a game on tv with my wife and myself. they just come and sit quietly next to us,its Called Cuddling to them, and that is how they show their affection towards us.

Nick Park said...

Dave that's awesome. Every child has their own way of showing us how they love us. Any time ex can spend with our kids is the best!

The Crazy Krainich's said...

seriously cute kid you have there Nick and Shara! I've come to realize there are fewer things in life greater than the moments your children hold your hand, tickle your back, whisper you secrets. It's in those still small moments with our children that leave us speechless with gratitude for this kind of love. To love a child is to experience God like love. Spencer is now 8 and is starting to transform into a little pre teen and I all ready see those moments slipping away. Take advantage. Tuck them in your memory bank. Retain them to memory. They are here today but will be gone tomorrow.