Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jimmy Eat World/Paramore

Monday night Natalie and I went to the Jimmy Eat World/Paramore concert. "Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun!" We completely missed the first opening band Dear And The Headlight, we walked in during their last song. I never feel old until I go to concerts like this. Shows like this become a Mecca for 12 year-old emo punk girls and boys who each wear the same size in pants. Rosie and Josh hooked us up with tickets, thanks again! It was nice to just sit and actually watch a show rather than fight for spots and always feel bad about the smaller people behind me if we were in GA. Haylee (the lead singer of Paramore) reminds me of Vitamin C, solely because of the hair. Paramore had tons of energy and put on a really good show. Jimmy came on last and plowed through their set list. No room for talking really just song after song, that's the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it. This was my second or third time seeing Jimmy and I think this was their best one, they sounded very polished and it was just a fun concert. Check out more pictures here.


Dieta said...

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Melea Politis Johnson said...

Nick! I am so jealous!! I really like Paramore! I'm so glad they were good. I was nervous about how they would be live.